Knife blades

I use ATS-34 and RWL-34 in my ordinary blades. It is a proven steel that I have use in my huntingknifes for many years. The damascusblades I make of Damasteel from Söderfors. They are all stainless steel. All blades have hidden tang welded of iron. (except the fulltang ofcourse)

If you buy 5 blades or more (mixed) 10% discount.

Namn: Odin 103
Modell: 232

Damasteel Odins eye, 103x29x4mm

Pris: 1250 kr
Namn: 12C27 FW
Modell: 125

Blade made in 12c27-steel. Ca 81 x 24 x 4mm tapered. 2-3mm in the tip. Filework

Pris: 480 kr
Namn: B-Twist 87
Modell: 231

Damasteelblade made in B-twist 87x24x3,2mm

Pris: 970 kr
Namn: Odin 95
Modell: 230

Damasteel odins eye, 95x23x4mm

Pris: 1100 kr
Namn: Small blade
Modell: 121

Blade in Ats-34 30x10x1,6mm

Pris: 160 kr
Namn: Fulltang semi
Modell: 224

Fulltang blade in B-twist damasteel. Tapered tang. Blade lenght is 85mm and total 185mm.

Pris: 2700 kr
Namn: Ladder 110
Modell: 220

Damasteel ladder with filework, 110 x 27 x 4 mm

Pris: 1600 kr
Namn: B-Twist 100
Modell: 219

Damasteel B-twist with filework, 100 x 26 x 4 mm

Pris: 1350 kr
Namn: B-Twist 120
Modell: 215

Damasteel Björkmantwist, 120 x 28 x 4 mm

Pris: 1800 kr
Namn: Grosse rosen
Modell: 214

Damasteel 105 x 26 x 3,2 mm

Pris: 1200 kr
Namn: Big Nordic
Modell: 118

RWL-34- steel. Satin finish, filework. 120x28x3,5mm

Pris: 780 kr
Namn: RWL-79
Modell: 117

RWL-34 steel, satin finish 79 x 21,5 x 3,2mm

Pris: 420 kr
Namn: RWL-79 FW
Modell: 116

RWL-34 steel, satin finish with filework 79 x 21,5 x 32mm

Pris: 460 kr
Namn: RWL-80 FW
Modell: 100

RWL-34 steel, satin finish with filework. 80x24x3,2mm

Pris: 480 kr
Namn: Odin 80
Modell: 213

Damasteel odins eye, 80x24x3.2 mm

Pris: 950 kr
Namn: Fulltang ATS
Modell: 110

Fulltang semiskinner, ATS-34 satin finish, blade length: 90x29x3,2mm total length: 205mm

Pris: 900 kr
Namn: RWL 82
Modell: 112

RWL-34 steel, satin finish with filework 82x25x3mm

Pris: 480 kr
Namn: Damasteel 87
Modell: 211

Damasteel, ladder 87x28x4mm

Pris: 1150 kr
Namn: RWL 110
Modell: 109

Drop point hunter, RWL-34 steel with filework, 110x28x3,5mm

Pris: 750 kr
Namn: Dama 70
Modell: 206

Damasteel, wineland or ladder, 68-72×20-21×3,2mm

Pris: 720 kr
Namn: Dama 80
Modell: 210

Damasteel, odins eye, 82x25x4mm

Pris: 1050 kr
Namn: Ladder 85
Modell: 203

Damasteel, ladder. 85x24x3,2mm

Pris: 950 kr
Namn: Ladder 87
Modell: 202

Damasteel, ladder, 87x22x3,2mm

Pris: 950 kr
Namn: Wineland 100
Modell: 201

Wineland, damasteel, 100x25x3,2mm

Pris: 1050 kr
Namn: Wineland 80
Modell: 200

Wineland, damasteel, 80x24x3,2mm

Pris: 920 kr
Namn: Nordic RWL 95
Modell: 104

Satin finish, RWL-34 steel with filework 95x25x3,2mm

Pris: 530 kr
Namn: Hunter RWL 90
Modell: 103

Drop point hunter, RWL-34 steel satin finish with filework 90x25x3,2mm

Pris: 530 kr